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The Lodge

Tapir Lodge, the Pioneer Cuyabeno Lodge

Tapir Lodge is a pioneer Ecuador Rainforest Lodge built under the premise of respecting the precious ecosystem of the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve. We are passionate about the environment and therefore, we work to cause the minimum disturbance to wildlife.

Tapir Lodge was itself designed to generate the lowest impact in the jungle area, it  consists of two towers which use half space a regular jungle lodge uses and can accommodate up to 26 persons

With sustainable and responsible tourism principles in mind, Tapir Lodge is a pioneer in the area of alternative energies, implementing alternative sources of energy for 24 hours. Our own solar panels provide with the enough amount of energy to light the lodge all day, recharge all your electronic devices, and even use electronic equipment during your stay. However, most visitors find the lodge to be the perfect spot to tune out of technology and tune in with nature.

We also use river water and have a system of bio digesters for served waters.

What We Do and How our Cuyabeno Tours Work

At Tapir Lodge we design tours that adapt to the Amazon jungle varying conditions. Just as our lodge design and architecture is meant to suit the jungle ecosystem, so are our tours. We are experts in the Amazon jungle; hence, we know that on-site planned activities are the best option so as to go with the jungle flow. You may learn more about our activities in our Amazon Jungle Tours section. 

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