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This document consists in the payment policies and cancellation, the ones that shall be taken into consideration when making a reservation or ONLINE BOOKING services for Tapir Lodge.


The following penalties will apply when passengers cancels the tour:

From 40 to 31 days: 25% of the total amount

From 30 to 19 days: 30% of the total amount

From 18 to 09 days: 50% of the total amount

From 08 to 03 days: 100% of the total amount


A penalty of 30% of the value of the service will be charged in the event that there is a date change in the itinerary that has been confirmed.

It is strictly forbidden to use hair dryers, electric razors or any device of high voltage consumption on the premises of the lodge. Any serious damage to the lodge’s electrical system may be charged to the passenger.

Full reimbursement will occur in the event that Tapir Lodge cancels the service due to unforeseen reasons such as: adverse weather conditions, natural catastrophes, strikes, civil disorders, government regulations or restrictions, quarantines, state of emergency, war as well as any other contemplated by law. Tapir Lodge reserve the right to retain an 10% of the total value of the service or tour for administrative expenses.

There is no reimbursement in the event that the passenger is not present on the dates of the tour.

Tapir Lodge –  is responsible for tour transportation and tour operation as set in the interary. We are not responsible or liable for any inconvenience passengers may have with airlines or hotels.

Tapir Lodge – is not responsible for any delays, unforeseen events as well as any medical expenses due to passenger or third party negligence which will be the passenger’s responsibility.

Tapir Lodge – is not responsible for the loss or damage of personal and or items of value.

Tapir Lodge – reserves the right to substitute lodging accommodations, transportation and any changes in the itinerary when considered necessary in order to preserve the integrity of the service and passenger safety

Tapir Lodge  – will not discriminate against any individuals due to age, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, nationality or any other reasons.

By accepting the terms and conditions of the tour, passengers voluntary assume all risks, involved whether expected or unexpected.

We recommend that all passengers obtain the appropriate travelers insurance.

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