Tapir Lodge is located in the heart of the Amazon Rain Forest, inside the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve. Getting to Cuyabeno is an adventure and given the complex ecosystem of the Amazon Jungle, you have to use always the services of a specialized and authorized tour Operator, who provides you always with licensed multilingual guides, so as the guaranteed services and quality.

All of the tours to Tapir Loge will start and end at the Cuyabeno Bridge. Our multilingual licensed guide will always meet with you at the bridge.

Getting to this meeting point will mostly depend on your departing city. Below you may find a guide on how to get to Lago Agrio. 

You can get to Coca´s airport by plane, there are 6 days flights per week ( Monday- Saturdays with Aereo Regional and or Latam airline). We can gladly help you making this arrangements if needed. However it is a must to fly to Coca, from where with an extra transfer we pick you up at 10am, and drive for 2 ½ hrs, to the Cuyabeno Bridge..

Make sure you arrive at Cuyabeno Bridge before 12 AM, in order to start the tour on time.

→ How to Get to Tapir Lodge in Cuyabeno from Quito

You can get to Cuyabeno National Park by Plane, by /car/bus.

The most comfortable and short way, is to take a scheduled flight to Coca). Travelers on a longer journey rather to take a night bus or a tourist bus service.

BY PLAN: 2 Airlines offer daily scheduled flights from Quito to Coca ( Latam / Aéreo Regional, which departs at 9:15/ 9:30 AM and takes approximately 35 minutes. If you find any issues booking your tickets please contact us, we will gladly help you.

BY CAR: The bus trip from Quito to the Cuyabeno Bridge, takes approximately 9 hours and the buses depart from Quitumbe bus terminal at the south of the city. If you don’t want to waste a full day travelling there is a lot of options of night buses. There are also a Tourist Bus buses from Quito to the Cuyabeno Bridge, which departs from Mariscal area of the city at 11 :30 pm.. We can also arrange private land transportation from your hotel of stay in Quito to the Cuyabeno Bridge and back..

Our tours starts with a minimum of 2 guests, on a base of a private tour.

We don’t massifie our tours, so far we have a maximum of 8 guests per guide and canoe on our trips. This allows us, to be more flexible in our excursions, have more contact with the nature, to expect to hear, and find more mammals, birds and amphibians.!!


 → How to Get to Tapir Lodge in Cuyabeno from Guayaquil

BY PLANE – The only way to get to Cuyabeno National Park from Guayaquil is through Quito´s Airport. You can take an eraly flight from Guayaquil to Mariscal Sucre Airport (Quito). Flights are carried by LATAM Airlines, Avianca. Once you get to Quito, you will have to take the airline Latam or Aereo Regional to fly to Coca.( departing time 09:15 / 09:30

BY CAR – There are different bus options to get from Guayaquil to Quito, and continue to the Cuyabeno Bridge. Do take in mind it will take you about 10 hours.