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4-Day Cuyabeno Jungle Tour by Tapir Lodge Ecuador Amazon Jungle

This 4 Day Cuyabeno Trip belongs to our Classic Cuyabeno Tours. This trip is adaptable and flexible enough to provide travelers with an authentic jungle experience.  Even though this tour follows an itinerary, this does not mean we are in a hurry or we need to stick to them strictly.  Activities in this itinerary are designed to be rescheduled form one day to other based on the varying jungle conditions and weather, the guide criteria and the travelers’ interests. Having a flexible itinerary is the best warranty to get an unforgettable jungle trip! 

Activities:            Jungle hike, river navigations and wildlife viewing.
Age range:          4 yr – 80’s (ideal activities for seniors).
Trip Style:           Soft to Moderate Adventure.
Package Type:    All-inclusive.
Start Date:           Every day

Important Information
DEPARTURE LOCATION Lago Agrio – Sucumbios Province
RETURN LOCATION Lago Agrio – Sucumbios Province
DEPARTURE TIME By plane: The flight leaves from Quito (time subject to change)
RETURN TIME By plane: The flight leaves to Quito (time subject to change)
WEAR Comfortable clothing, light shoes or sandals, hat, light rain-jacket and sunscreen.
INCLUDED Private transportation Lago Agrio – Tapir Lodge – Lago Agrio.
All meals (breakfast-lunch-dinner); pure water, coffee, tea.
 Bilingual naturalist guides for all activities.
Accommodation in double room with mosquito nets.
Excursion gear (rain coat, rubber boots, life jackets).
NOT INCLUDED Transportation Quito – Lago Agrio – Quito (bus or plane)
 $ 5.00 community / $ 5.00 Shaman.
 Meals before and after the tour.
 All other expenses not specified in the tour.
Tips & Extras.

Notes on our 4 Day Cuyabeno Jungle Tour

During excursions this 4-Day Cuyabeno Jungle Tour,  guests will be escorted at all times by a multilingual and naturalist guide at the Cuyabeno Reserve. Guests will be informed daily about the following day’s activities by their guide on the night, prior to dinner.

The guide may adjust the itinerary due to weather conditions or guest requirements.

On the first day of all our programs, guests will be assigned life vests and rain ponchos; rubber boots will be supplied on the following day. This gear will be the guest’s responsibility throughout their stay and must be returned to a Tapir Lodge representative on the last day of the program.

Please bring this gear with you when required and or advised by the guide. Even though the Cuyabeno River is quite serene, we remind and request our guests to wear their life vests at all times during our canoe excursions. Rubber boots must be used during all treks and we recommend you keep your rain gear with you at all times.


Cuyabeno Tour | 4 Days in the Amazon Jungle

Your rainforest adventure starts in Lago Agrio, where our driver will pick you up. A fascinating drive will take you to the northeastern part of the Sucumbios province, while we pass by beautiful rivers and small villages going deeper into the rainforest.

When you arrive at “El Puente” (the bridge), we will have lunch before we continue our way to Tapir lodge crossing down the river by canoe. This part of the trip will give you a taste of the flora and fauna that Cuyabeno has to offer. We will ensure that you and your luggage stay dry during the river ride.

After welcoming you to the Tapir Lodge, you will have time to get settled in your room. Then you will join us for a wonderful dinner, an opportunity to get acquainted with your travel companions.

After dinner, your guide will give you an introduction to the Tapir Lodge, the Cuyabeno Reserve and the fascinating experiences planned for your rainforest adventure.


In the morning, after a delicious breakfast at the lodge, we will canoe upstream to explore the unique ecosystem of Laguna Grande. While navigating in the Igapo (flooded forest), you will see (Macrolobium), ancient majestic mimosa trees, which create the ideal habitat for epiphyte plants, such as bromeliads, orchids, ferns and cacti.

We will continue the adventure to “Terra Firme”, where we will take a hike for the rest of the morning. You will get an introduction to the rainforest ecology and see an amazing variety of birds such as woodpeckers, tanagers, macaws and toucans. Here you will have the opportunity to see a couple of monkey species, as well.

After a delicious lunch and time to relax at the lodge, we will navigate back to Laguna Grande to enjoy a wonderful sunset, surrounded by animals of the rainforest as bats, bugs and frogs; and if the weather permits you will have the opportunity to go swimming and enjoy the lagoon.

After a day of adventures, we will return to the lodge where dinner will be waiting. After dinner you can enjoy refreshments at our bar and join us for a quick night hike around the lodge to explore night wonders of the rain forest.


After breakfast we will canoe up the Cuyabeno river until we reach the local community where we will experience daily community life and activities like harvesting and cooking. You will have the opportunity to buy handmade crafts, that are carefully produced by the locals.

We finish our visit meeting the Shaman at his house where he will share his knowledge about the rainforest and the processes he uses to heal his people. Here you get to experience an ancestral healing ceremony that has been passed on through the generations.In the afternoon we will meet the local Siona family.

They will show us and invite us to take part in the preparation of cassava bread. This local dish, which is prepared with the yuca (cassava) root, represents an important part of the local diet and the main source of carbs for the indigenous communities of the rainforest. Once you have tried cassava bread we will head back to Tapir Logde to spend another night in the middle of the jungle.


After breakfast it is time to return to Lago Agrio. You get to enjoy your final canoe trip back to El Puente. From there our driver will take you back to the airport of Lago Agrio.



Important Note: These itineraries are subject to change without previous notice depending on weather conditions, client’s requirements or if our guides feel that it would improve the quality of services.


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Cuyabeno Jungle Tour

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Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 3 reviews
April 19, 2017

Our family group of seven adults not only had the time of our lives at the Tapir Lodge, but we came away with so many insights about the rain forest, its impact on the world, and the world’s impact on it, that I know our experience there will have a lasting influence.

Kurt, the owner, has a real gift for hospitality. We all felt right at home immediately upon our arrival, and by the end of the trip, it seemed like we had been visiting with an old and valued friend. We were really impressed with the ecofriendly engineering initiatives at the lodge, which include solar electricity and a biological water treatment system. The three-course meals were delicious, and we especially enjoyed our introduction to all the exotic Ecuadorian fruits the chef Raul served us. Considering that everything at the lodge – from groceries to toilet paper to the generous bottles of beer — arrives via a long road and boat trip, it is remarkable that we were so well attended to.

Our multilingual (Spanish, English and French) guide Miguel is an exceptional interpreter of this amazing ecosystem. His knowledge of the environment is comprehensive, and he has a gift not only for helping us observe, taste, and smell the microdetails of the forest, but for enlarging his interpretation to what the resources mean and have meant to the local native communities and to modern society, often bringing in the global perspective on what we were seeing and experiencing. On top of that, he was really fun to be with!

The whole Tapir staff was friendly and helpful, from the kitchen crew to the amazingly skilled drivers of the boats.

What did we do? We took sunset boat trips to the Grand Lagoon, swam there at daybreak, jumped into the river off the deck on a rope swing, hiked at night to see fantastic spiders and other nocturnal critters, sampled fresh sugar cane juice, visited a shaman, helped make delicious bread from manioc, traveled by boat in driving rain wrapped up in yellow ponchos (just once, and come on, it is a rain forest), hung out in the lodge’s hammocks, ate tropical fruit straight from the trees, and trekked through the gorgeous rain forest in our muddy rubber boots.

What did we see? Tons of monkeys, beautiful birds, dolphins, snakes, bats, and an exceptional array of insects and spiders, including the resident tarantula, a long line of leafcutter ants, and about a zillion cicadas. The anaconda eluded us this time – we will have to catch up with him later. We saw bromeliads and orchids and tropical flowers, and gazed in awe at a majestic 600-year old kapok tree. This is an ecosystem not to be missed.

Accommodations were extremely comfortable, with hot showers and fresh drinking water. We saw not one mosquito!

Cannot recommend this experience highly enough. We were totally enchanted.

January 23, 2018

Great place to stay in the middle of jungle

January 23, 2018

My husband and I have been here twice. It is an amazing experience to stay right in the midst of the Cuyabeno nature and wildlife. Kurt is a great host & a superb guide. He is funny, knows a lot about the animals and plants and he is trilingual (ger, en, span). Combined with the most delicious food of cariñho and his team, as well as the cool lodge with all amenities (while being respectful of the environment) & beautiful experiences with the local community, you got yourself a great vacation experience. Now book those plane tickets and get your binoculars ready to spot some caymans and anacondas in the dawn before breakfast!

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