Custom-made Ecuador Jungle Tours designed by Tapir Lodge


Ecuador Jungle Tours by Tapir Lodge will take you deep into one of the richest areas of the Amazon Jungle. Our trips are designed to adapt to the natural conditions of the Amazon Jungle. The tours can go for  4, 5 and 7 days and provide you with an authentic Jungle Experience.

Our Cuyabeno Jungle tours are designed and carried-out by Tapir Lodges in close collaboration with the local community and most activities are planned on the spot to ensure the best experience.

This multiday jungle trips by Tapir Lodge travel deep into the evergreen pristine and explore the rich biodiversity of one Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve.  Activities include bird and caiman watching, night hiking, canoe trips and shamanism.

Check out these sample itineraries of our Standard Ecuador Jungle Tours. You may personalize these with camping, or photography focused activities.

Ecuador Jungle Tours by Tapir Lodge

Standard Jungle Tours