About Tapir Lodge – Our Story


Tapir Lodge is based in the northeastern Province of Sucumbíos, in the upper Ecuadorian Amazon region, within the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve, and was built in partnership with family members of the Siona Community. In order to meet appropriate ecological standards, Tapir Lodge shares with them the Eco-tourism activities and profits, offering as well the best facilities in the heart of the jungle.

When creating our Cuyabeno lodge, our vision was not only to create a jungle spot that exceeded our customers’ expectations, but also a spot to display the beauty of its surround area, the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve. Tapir Lodge is one of the first eco-friendly lodges in the Cuyabeno area. Our philosophy is to co-exist with the ecosystem, by creating a conscious awareness of the jungles importance in out visitors. We are passionate with the conservation of the Cuyabeno River and therefore try to cause the minimal disturbance in our operations.

We want to provide travelers with an authentic jungle experience while making your stay as enjoyable as possible. Tapir Lodge offers an alternative accommodation style: Instead of the traditional huts that you may find in most lodges, we have two 15 meters high towers, so you may feel the jungle and its animals closer. We can lodge more people in less rain forest space… which means, a lower ecological impact for the habitat.

Kurt Beate

Kurt Beate   Ceo & Founder Tapir Lodge